Lotto Account Rules & Conditions

  • One man one account & Should be verified account.

1,000,000 lottery tickets in each unit: 40 Baht per ticket

( Available Date start from August 1, 2015 until present )

One bet code same number 1 entry. more number not eligible.

If a unit sold out, determine prizes per unit are as follows:

1st. Prize- Quantity 1-Value (Baht) 3,000,000

3rd. Prize- Quantity 10-Value (Baht) 40,000

5th. Prize- Quantity 100-Value (Baht) 10,000

In three digits: Draw 4 times Prize- Quantity 4,000-Value (Baht) 2,000

2nd. Prize- Quantity 5-Value (Baht) 100,000

4th. Prize- Quantity 50-Value (Baht) 20,000

Extra prize that is related and the numbers are closest to 1st prize Prize- Quantity 2-Value (Baht) 50,000

In two digits: Draw 1 times Prize- Quantity 10,000-Value (Baht) 1,000

1 unit of Lottery offer 14,168 prize which the total is 23,000,000 Baht

a) Prize will be paid to the lottery holder only.

c) In order to claim to prize, the holder must claim it within 2 years starting from the draw date.

b) If the lottery is not sold out the prize must be reduced proportionally.

d) Unverified lotto account maximum bet amount $10 & maximum withdrawal $100 accepted.